Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weather thoughts for the better

The snow blew sideways again today and the gray sky makes it hard to wake up full of energy.

May 4th, the fire is burning hot to warm the room, and we'll be lucky to reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit today. Although the weather outside is a definite deterrent to being outside, people in Wyoming don't let the blowing snow keep them indoors.

In fact, people in Wyoming don't take too much time to complain about the weather. Oh, the weather comes up in conversations everyday, but Wyomingites hardly take enough time to dwell on any situation of the weather, good or bad.

Perhaps the weather should be thought of as like a person- accepting the weather as it is, accepting the person as they are. Each have their good and bad and unfortunate faults, but if we accept each for what they are, not allowing the faults to determine our day, we might all just get along a little better.

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