Book Reviews and Review Policy

Acres of Sage is open for book reviews at this time....

Book Reviews
Yes, I review books and enjoy doing so. 

Please contact me at: molly.bredehoft(at) if you have a book you think I might be interested in reviewing.

Please include: author's synopsis, synopsis of the book, a link to the author's website.

Books I enjoy reading are: literary fiction, mysteries, histrical fiction, some historical non fiction, young adult, and childrens books.

Book Review Policy

I accept: Trade paperback/hardcover, advance copies

I do NOT accept: Self published or PDF format

After reviewd on my site I will publish by review to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target and other locations if requested.

If for some reason I find a book I do not enjoy, I prefer to remain silent about my position.  If this happens I will contact the person who requested my review and let them know I will be unable to post a book review for the author.

Occasionaly I write opinions about books I pick up on my own- at the library, suggested by a friend, my own interest, etc.  These book topics will be under RECENT READS and are not books I have been contacted to review.

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