About Me

I love the smell of sage and the beauty of it growing mile after mile across Wyoming.

As a writer living in Wyoming's diverse landscapes, I am fortunate to be able to enjoy both the acres of sage and the rugged mountains. The waving grass, open plains, and quiet rivers beckon me to write about their beauty while sharing thoughts and stories from my own life. 

My favorite thing in the world is to hike down a mountain trail ,but have also been known to float down rivers, ride on the back of a horse, strap on skis, or jump into a 4X4 vehicle as a mode of transportation as well.  It is in the open spaces of nature that I find life makes the most sense. No matter where I go I take a book, a journal, and a camera.  I’m fortunate that I get to spend much of my time out in the world with my husband and my kids.

Other aspects of my life are that I work for a nonprofit organization and I am currently a student in the low-residency MFA program in Creative Literary Arts at the University of Alaska Anchorage. 

I love words- writing them, arranging them, reading them- and like to gather and share what I find here at my blog from time to time. It’s also a sort of record keeping place, an essence of life for me.

I hope you enjoy Acres of Sage, and find some words of meaning here as well.


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