Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Palm tree extravaganza

Last week, and a couple of extra days, were vacation days; therefore no blogging, writing, or checking e-mails. I exchanged my waterproof leather hiking boots for an open pair of Teva sandals. I left the scenic mountains to gaze upon the turquoise ocean and marvel at the beautiful sunsets splashing vibrant colors across the sky. Wyoming to the Florida Keys.

Extra time and exploring a new part of the world, guided me and my camera around. Palm trees became a natural focus on my lens. Clear skys, pink hues from the setting sun, and the natural environment in which they grow pay homage to the tall and lean tree.


  1. Love it!! Glad you could enjoy it before the oil slick hits the Keys!!

  2. Wow!~!! What a lovely vacation you appear to have had!