Thursday, May 13, 2010

Following the Lander Trail

Following the Lander Trail, the same trail the emigrants moving west took, I wonder why they didn't plop down in this very location and stay the rest of their lives. The landscape is gorgeous, silent, and unending. True, there are miles and miles of no human presence, making life hard and lonely; but I wonder if I would have been one of the people moving west, if I wouldn't have homesteaded right here. Miles of prairie growing into rugged mountains seems to be the perfect location to me.

I suspect, being the type of people they were to set off on such a dangerous excursion, they probably wanted to see what was beyond these mountains- the Wind River Mountains. Perhaps they thought: Where else can we explore?; What mountains abound beyond the horizon?; What other beauty will we find?

Something spurred them to keep going on, and without the calling there might be a conglomeration of people in this one spot. Their trail still exists, along with the solitude and the beauty of days gone by.

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