Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They grew on the bridge

Out on Seven Mile Bridge, close to Marathon, FL, a few natural phenomenons grow out of the concrete mass of an abandoned railroad track running beside the bridge. A tree and a few shrubs have made the old tracks their home. Driving over the bridge, your eyes take a second look to make sure what you are seeing is real.

It is real, and a view from a boat helps to make the illusion reality.

How can something that needs nutrients and fresh water grow in the concrete? How did the seeds of the plants reach all the way out across the bridge and survive?

I'll probably never know the answers, but would love to return after many years to see if they still survive, and if there are any new ones growing.


  1. I am always fascinated by such rareties! How indeed do trees and shrubs grow from the depths of concrete? It seems that in the interest of perserverance, nature finds a way.

  2. Yes, this reminds me of the kids Disney movie Wall-E- how in a world of buildings and concrete, life can still grow and continue on.

  3. What a great picture!Proves even in the dullest landscapes, beauty prevails!