Monday, June 7, 2010

Passing storms

A storm settled in over our valley last night.

We stood in front of our window and watched the clouds hustling across the sky, right in front of the mountains. The speed in which they moved was amazing.

The horses kicked and bucked as the temperature dropped and the winds picked up.

Lightning flashed close and the thunder echoed over the mountains, as if the sound touched each peak. Soon a mixture of hail and rain pelted our house and cars.

With the fast pace the storm moved, we hardly knew what had happened. Our minds had to adjust to the quick change in atmosphere, and then move on as quickly as the storm passed.

What amazes me, is how much our life parallels the storm I just described. Changes come quickly and without warning, leaving us to move along with whatever happens. At times I wish we could see the changes coming, so we could stand back and be prepared.

Even still, watching the storm move in and move by was powerful. Maybe there's a good reason why the bad storms pass quickly.


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  2. Everything is in constant movement and constant change. Sometimes like a big storm and sometimes like a light wind passing by.

  3. @Swedish Yogini
    I like your comment about how change can be like a light wind- A light wind that keeps us growing and moving towards better people.


  4. I love your description of the storm, the words stir the senses and placed me within the story watching out the window with you. Thank you for sharing it.
    I also understand what you mean in your comparison to the powerful and seemingly chaotic changes that happen throughout the course of life's journey. The way you explained how quickly your mind had to adjust and how quickly the storm passed was the perfect analogy for why some of these changes happen and how to successfully navigate our way through them.
    I really look forward to reading more of your writing!

    Peace, Light and Take Care!
    Exploring Life's Paths

    People Who Inspire Change

  5. I like this story, Molly. Thanks for sharing it. I'm so happy to see you writing. Changes seem to always come rapidly and without warning. I like your analogy of life as a storm, as it is a lot of the time. The storm is so powerful, it changes us. It seems there often is a peace that comes after it though. Anyhow, good to see you here.

  6. I enjoyed my visit to your beautiful blog. I love your smooth writing style!

    Warmly, Michelle