Friday, June 11, 2010

Foto Friday: Random finds

While traveling down a mountain road and crossing over a bridge, my husband stopped to look at the water flowing underneath us. Since he is a biologist, a fly fisherman, and generally just interested in seeing what fish are doing, we often stop whenever there is a stream, river, pond, lake, or creek present.

While he studied the water, I thought I might as well take a few photos. I was surprised at what I found.

At first glance, the reflector on the post was nothing out of the ordinary, and held no reason for me to pay any attention to it. My eyes scanned right past it. Then, when I looked again, the little pliers seemed to come out of nowhere. Obviously they have been there for quite a long time. Some fisherman's gear is short a pair of pliers.

Well, here they are.

1 comment:

  1. It almost looks like an orange slice (at first glance that is) Come stop by my latest post, I left something there for you!