Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In my notebook: Feel of Spring

In the mornings at the bus stop the air now feels of spring.  There is a dampness to it, and the certain warmth that has not been present for quite some time.  When I step outside to send my daughter off, I wonder if the chill that is there comes from the wind as it blows over what's left of our snow and pushes it up into the air and onto my face.

We began to feel and see these changes in March, far too early in our part of the world.  But anyone who lives in Wyoming knows the spring storms can be just as cantankerous as a mid-winter storm and dump just as much snow to make one think they are right back to winter.

In many ways I'm glad to see the snow go- most years it doesn't leave until May- and I feel selfish because I'm happy I won't have to deal with the snow by keeping our road open so we can get out, or trudge through it to feed the horses.

The ranchers and the wildlife people see this as much more of a detrimental situation, and I know it is even though many of my own burdens are significantly less when the weather behaves.  Less snow means less grass and less water, and thus lots of hungry wildlife and domestic animals with little grass to feed them.

Our friend says he will be selling his steers, trying to hold onto his cows, and others will be doing much the same.  I can't imagine what hay prices will be.

So we wait for the spring rains and the springs snows, even me...

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