Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finds in the week: Innovative Gardeners

In another place, somewhere in my dreams, I can garden for longer than the 28 frost free days that time allows for plants to grow in our little haven located in Sublette County, Wyoming.  Yes, 28 days, that is all.  It is not impossible for certain plants and veggies to grow, starting inside is a big key, but there are many that just won’t survive in our USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 2-3. 
So I was very intrigued to read the article “The New Generation” in April/May 2013 issue of Organic Gardening, about four individuals whose passion is gardening and who have been identified as professionals who will likely make profound impacts on gardening in the future.  The reason for some attention to be shown their way is for their exploration of plants, the varieties they have collected, the propagation of plants, and the use of hybridization.

Here is a list of the four mentioned gardeners found in the print version of the article, on the web there are six, with links to most of their websites.  A glance at their photos provides a visual for their individual passions for gardening and the beauty of innovation in which they have created with plants. 

·         Joseph Tychonievich

·         Brienne Gluvna Arthur

·         Riz Reyes

·         Kelly Norris
Click here to read the full article at Organic Gardening.

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