Thursday, February 17, 2011

A February Night

Winter returns tonight as the snow whips around outside, gathering on the windows-mostly on the left side- displaying a collage from the tormenting wind. Drifts will line the road, giving the plows and tractors more snow to push up onto the already existing mounds, or creating even more places to play King of the Hill. People say they haven't seen this much snow in 15 years, but still consider this a more "normal" winter.

All day the sun showered down rays, warming the earth and melting snow and ice into small rivers. Our hours of being outside were extended, and doses of vitamin D helped to boost every mood and kept me from believing the flashing Weather Channel icon on my computer, the one telling me a Winter Weather Advisory would be in affect.

Now as I listen to the icy bits of snow hit my window and realize the neighbors houses are no longer visible through the torrent taking place outside, I wish the peek of spring I viewed before would be here to stay.

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