Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Evidence of Spring

As the snow flies sideways and the wind howls through my door and around my little cabin, spring seems a long way from arriving. The scene outside my window- large snowflakes, snow gathering on the trees, rooftops and willows blanketed evenly with snow- makes me think of Christmas Eve and appears as though Santa should be visiting, not the Easter Bunny. I'm sure more than six weeks have passed since the groundhog saw it's shadow, yet the snow abounds. The little animals from the stories of Narnia must understand my plight.

Even as the snow descends, the birds outside my window chirp and cheep, the red winged black birds sing their song of spring, and the geese, sand hill cranes and swans can be seen along the open riverbanks. Spring must be closer than my mind can comprehend, otherwise they would not be back from their winter migration. The birds understand the snow better than I do, for they know the snow will melt away into spring run-off and provide a healthy drink of water for the earth.

When getting out is possible, even my own eyes can see the evidence of spring. The photos reveal the quiet transformation from winter to spring in a landscape where snow exits for many months out of the year.

All photos copyright of M. Bredehoft


  1. Hi Molly,
    What a beautiful blog. Glad we found each other on BlogFrog. I live near the Canadian Rockies in a town an hour's drive from Banff, but we're not in the mountains as you are, so don't have near as much snow. But it did snow twice last week, which melted the same day. Your photos are gorgeous and the scenery spectacular. What a beautiful place to live. Aint springtime grand?

  2. Thank you! and very glad to meet you. I enjoyed looking over your blogs, which I will be following. I love...LOVE.. historical fiction and am very happy to have found a new author. I have been to your part of the world and enjoyed the area and scenery. Thank you again for checking out my blog!