Friday, April 30, 2010

April reading

Sitting by a cozy fire with a cup of steaming coffee always seems to plague me with the question: To read...or to write?

I could easily wrap up in a blanket and pull my book up to my nose and become lost in the imaginative words of someone else- instead of coming up with my own; but then, the characters in my mind come alive and I have to write down what they are doing. So, I take the time and reward myself with a good book in the early morning hours and before I go to bed. (Sometimes in the afternoon when no one is watching.)

Lately I have been reading Dana Stabenow. Surprise, surprise; as I have read all of her books a couple of times over. However, Whisper To The Blood had not made it to my hands until yesterday. I was walking the rows of the library, pulled by two very loud kids, me saying SHHHH! a little to loudly, when I was automatically steered to the "S" section of the mysteries. I had to make a quick decision, and have been wanting to read this one for a long time.

On my way by the "R's", I quickly pulled a Phil Rickman book off the shelf. He is new to me, and I can't wait to read this U.K. author. Thankfully, if I like him, he has a whole mystery series about a female Reverend who is a diocesan exorcist- intriguing.

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