Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I can still remember the first time I saw a Leprechaun.

I didn't believe they existed, and certainly didn't think I would find their existence to be true. Finding the end of a rainbow was impossible, although I hadn't actually tried, a good solid education in science told me the truth on the matter. I could imagine finding the end of a rainbow- climbing hills covered with slick boulders during a drizzling rain, low clouds covering the area with a thick fog, all the while keeping my eye on the rainbow and searching for the precise location of its ending. But then, science tells me the sun would be shining or the rainbow wouldn't even exist.

On the day I saw the Leprechaun there were no doubts of science telling me the existence of what I was seeing was my imagination.

I searched with my eyes reading the terrain for clues and looking in the most unlikely places, because in the stories Leprechauns were quick and masters of making themselves invisible.

I looked on the ground but there were no tracks, behind the grass- but no Leprechauns. Finally, behind the sagebrush up close to the pronghorn sat a Leprechaun on the dry prairie ground.

Dry prairie ground? Sagebrush? Pronghorn?

You were probably imagining emerald hills with lush grass rippling from the slight breeze blowing off of the ocean, bringing dreams and music with poetic lyrics.

But it was on the prairie lands, a surprise location, where I spotted those mythical creatures.

So, be looking for those Leprechauns everywhere you go. They might just show up in one of the most unlikely locations.

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