Thursday, August 2, 2012

Full Moon

Last night was a full moon.  The light illuminated all of the night and, like the moon, my mind was full of thoughts. 

The thoughts moving across my mind went back and forth over the busy summer that has been passing all to quickly, the upcoming events in August, always having been the final month and last hoorah before back to school, on and on until I wished I could just fall asleep.

I had heard of others not sleeping on a full moon, and now I know it's true.  Will I forevermore be sensitive to its timing?

I wondered, as I looked out across the prairie grass glowing under the moon, how distant we humans have become from nature.  Even I, one who tries to pay attention to all of the beauty surrounding me can be quickly distracted by my cell phone beeping to tell me I have a new e-mail, text message, or voice mail.  All of my attention becomes diverted, often unnecessarily.

It's quiet I want to get back to, focus on.

Perhaps it's a good thing to be kept awake at night by the full moon.

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