Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pronghorn in the pasture

I have been waiting to see the baby Pronghorn that come to our pasture to graze, wondering when they will come by for a visit as they have done each year we have lived here.  Finally the other morning I saw four down along our irrigation ditch playing in the grass and sage.  Two sets of twins.  I thought I would sneak out, take a quick photo of them.

As I crept up, still at least 200 yards away from them, I heard one of the does call out.  I had missed seeing their mothers as they had been lying just under the hill where I stood.  They both sprang up, ran to their young, and scurried them off away from me.

Even though I missed taking a photo of them, the scene reminded me of something quite similar to my own life- spending time with my sister or a friend as we talk and watch our kids play.  It does make me wonder what those two does might have been "talking" about before I snuck up on them.  Maybe they were simply relaxing and enjoying the company of a companion, no words needed between them. Perhaps they were content with only the warmth of the sun and to have returned to a safe place for their young to grow and play.

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