Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A case of "PPP"

I'm going to call last weeks post Winter Days a classic case of "PPP".

What is PPP?

Positively Premature Positivity

Only a short amount of time went by, after hitting the button to publish my post, before the wind began to howl, tossing snow across the wide expanse between mountains and filling in the roads in between the piles of snow that already existed. 

That night car lights lined up down the road, stuck in the drifts, nobody was getting out.  Even my husband got stuck on his way down our lane, having to walk home and get the snowplow to plow his way to retrieve the abandoned vehicle.

The wind howled all night, and with the addition of snow falling, we knew the morning could be an interesting one.

He was up early plowing, but when the side of the plow struck a bank of snow and caused the truck to turn into the drifts, he was done.  A neighbor with a tractor and a snow blower was our rescuer.  We made it to town for work and the kids were off to preschool, but I couldn't help but worry that the wind would start back up and our road would be blown in again.

In our part of Wyoming we are having a mild winter, no doubt.  As one lady in town put it,  "We'll get our snow this year, even if we get it two inches at a time until June."

Thus, PPP.

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