Thursday, March 31, 2011


The other day as I walked out of church with one of my daughter's little friends, she said, "My mom and I are going to go outside and I'm going to smell today."
I thought this was a funny thing to say. The ground up here is still frozen and covered with snow, leaving only hints of frozen water to be smelled as the wind blows across the snow. But as she played on the sidewalk I opened my eyes to the drips of water gently falling off of the roof and the blue sky gently brushed with wisps of clouds.
She knew something I didn't. She had been paying attention; taking time to smell the changes of a slow spring happening around us.
I think I'll take the advice of the little girl today and go outside and just smell, allowing the fragrances to gently open my mind and allow me to be aware of where I am at that specific moment.

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  1. Fun! I love closing my eyes and listening to the birds. It is fun to count how many different kinds of birds I can hear singing. One of the fragrent "smells" is our yard comes from the blooms on the citrus trees.