Monday, February 3, 2014

Finds in the Week: Chris Hardman's ECOlogical Calendar

One of my friends keeps a daily planner as a bit of a diary and a way to keep track of her gardening and what she does from year to year.  Besides journaling about my day and life in general, I too like how the list of the small things that take place in every day life begin to make up my life as a whole.  I find I can be more intentional with spending my time wisely instead of watching the days move by in a blur, even though they still go all too quickly.

So when I found Chris Hardman's ECOlocigal Calendar that keeps track of time based on the seasonal changes of nature, I knew that I had found the perfect planner for me.  Each week there are various "bands" that chart the sky, the sun, the moon, the Earth, and the tides. Therefore the week is constructed more around the lunation of the moon, the location of the stars and the unique aspects of each season.  Each day is given a name- flora, fauna, astronomical, meteorological, and geological- associated with the season in which they take place, and when read produce a poem.

The calendar helps me to focus not only on what is happening in my life from day to day, but to remember to look at and take note of all the natural phenomenon's that are present in our world.

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