Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Recent Reads: Wade Davis- River Notes: A Natural and Human History of the Colorado

The book River Notes:A Natural and Human History of the Colorado by Wade Davis takes the reader on as a companion while Davis explores the Colorado River. Along with telling his own personal account of his experience of exploring the life giving river of the American Southwest, Davis also interweaves the political debate, scientific background, ecological prevalence, and historical perspectives that have followed the course of the river for years.  He touches on the natural beauty that surrounds the river, and provides detailed information on how and when man's relationship with the Colorado River began to become complicated and how it continues on to this day.

River Notes is an interesting, fascinating, and quick read.  Davis provides vivid descriptions of the landscape and touches on the relationships he develops with his guides.  In each detail of the book he conveys his appreciation of the river itself, along with his cconcern for the future and the existence of the Colorado River.

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