Saturday, September 15, 2012


When the first day of September came, so too did the cold.  Eerily close did the change in temperature match the date on the calendar.  Most of our mornings have been below freezing, and one day this week marked the first fire I lit in our stove to warm up our house.

Willows and trees are changing their colors, and the rivers are running low.  The geese began flying by in August, and now we hear only an occasional mountain blue jay and the black birds that will hang around until the very last minute.

Part of my mind became used to my "summer" clothes.  Now I am wearing my warm socks and am back to wearing a sweater throughout the day, at least keeping one close for when the chill on the breeze swings by.

For many the season of Autumn, because it is already here for us, is the season which tells us the year is about to be over.  Visible changes are occurring and will soon be covered in white. For me it is really the beginning of my new year, since by birth date is in September, and yet it is even hard for me to think of beginnings instead of ends as I see the colorful leaves fall.

And so I think about how learning and changing are continual, not matter the season.  No matter if we are at the beginning of a year or nearing the end....

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  1. I have yet to visit Wyoming in the fall. Thanks for giving me a taste of what I'm missing.