Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A girl, a volcano, and one good story...


Book Review by Molly J. Bredehoft

Author: James Nelson

Publisher: Putnam Juvenile

ISBN 13: 978-0399252822

Price: $16.99 (Canada $21.00)

Gold, greed, and romance await for Katy MacDonald to discover as she steps into life as a young woman.  A tomboy having lived a secluded life with her father in the late 1800’s near a volcano, Katy is soon to find that there is more to life than hunting and exploring her volcano.   And she is ready.

Written in first person, the reader is drawn into Katy’s life and is as eager as she is to explore beyond the isolated volcano, the ever changing and yet constant in her life.  Katy is tough, as a girl growing up with just a father and in the woods would be, and yet she longs for someone to love her, like any other girl of her time, or beyond, would do.

James Nelson, in his debut novel, has crafted a well told, adventurous story.  Although the book has been published for young adults, the story will intrigue readers of all ages.  Not only does the author explore the life, thoughts and feelings of a young girl turning into a woman, but he also gives readers a realistic view of life in the late 1800’s.  The other characters in the book are just as interesting as Katy, and although the story is told in her voice, he includes the other lives of the characters as they relate to her.  Nelson’s effective story telling reveals a vivid image of the other characters, the landscape, and the time as he gently weaves them throughout the book.

Exciting, captivating, and at times heartbreaking, On the Volcano will leave readers admiring Katy MacDonald as she faces the challenge of moving from a naïve girl, to a young woman. 

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