Friday, July 30, 2010

Foto Friday: San Xavier Mission

Out in the desert near Tuscon, AZ and the Mexican border, lies the San Xavier Mission; beautiful white Spanish style buildings climbing to blue skies, surrounded by tall green cactus and a dry desert landscape.

As a young girl I went there with my family on our way to Mexico. My mom was captivated by the place, and being the age I was, I didn't understand or ask why she found the place so remarkable, although I myself felt drawn to the landscape, culutre, and history. Now an adult, and after my mom had passed away, I went back to the mission a few years ago and found the place captivating on a different level.

I took this photo- one of the many nooks in the mission, because I loved the way the steps led up to the window allowing light into a little room. The room was a cool haven from the desert heat, but an area which could become dark with the close of a shutter.

An imagination like mine runs wild: who closed the window, so long ago?; why did they put the window there with steps leading up to it?; who stood and looked outside the window longing for a returning love? an army to pass? the wind to stop blowing? rain clouds to come? a wildfire to cease? an answer from God?

One of my cousins returns here often, understanding the remarkable pull of the mission and in remembrance of my mom. Since I wasn't able to go there myself this year, sharing a photo seems an appropriate way to remeber her- her birthday was this week.

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  1. The "White Dove of the Desert," as it was called back then, brings peace even to us today.