Thursday, December 3, 2009

A December Day

Waking up to a roaring fire and Christmas lights on makes me feel as though it is Christmas day, but I know today is just another day in Dec.

Why do the colorful lights we hang spark such a feeling of excitement? When I plugged the lights in and began to hang them for the first time this year, both of my kids got so excited they began to oooh and ahhh, they tried to touch the lights, and they danced around in the sparkles glistening all around.

I can remember when Christmas lights could make me get excited. My mom always made getting ready for Christmas exciting and fun. She would make a special meal on the day we would put up the decorations. She had a story to tell about some of the old decorations we would put out, and she would always give my sister and I a new ornament. We would listen to Christmas music, the deep voice of Anne Murray mixed with my mom's singing lingers on my memories.

When my mind pulls me back to my memories of Christmas, I realize how there was nothing glamorous or glitzy about our simple decorations, our meal was nothing extravagant, and our tree, at times, tended to lean in one direction, but the love and effort put into the day and the season was what made everything so special.

For an ordinary day in December, I hope our little house with simple decorations will sparkle enough to keep my children excited for the season and dancing.

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